12 dog breeds that get along well with cats


“To be like dog and cat”. This expression, synonymous with disagreement and bickering, is far from being justified. Marie-Hélène Bonnet, cat behaviorist, has agreed to reveal the keys to forging a solid relationship between a feline and a canine.

“When dogs and cats get to know each other, we can see incredible friendships. Cats that sleep between the dog’s paws, play with it or follow it on walks. And the dog that protects its cat, allows it to eat its bowl without flinching and leaves him his basket,” says the specialist.

Naturally, some breeds of cat tend to accept cohabitation better than others. Here are which ones:

Conversely, other breeds will find it more difficult to appreciate our dog friends. “This is the case of the Maine Coon, their imposing size gives them a certain confidence to confront intruders. The Sphynx and related breeds are often suspicious, just like the Oriental. But with a little perseverance, even the help professionals, nothing is impossible”, explains Marie-Hélène Bonnet.

Same logic for cat breeds that tend to like dogs: “A 5-year-old adult cat who has never seen a dog in his life will have a little more trouble getting used to it than a kitten accustomed to dogs. dogs since birth.

As for canines, we note that hunting dogs must avoid cohabitation with cats, especially if you want a quick agreement between the two animals. On the other hand, other dog breeds will be more likely to get along with your felines. Check out 12 in our slideshow below.