Winter is slowly approaching. And if there are not yet completely accurate forecasts, the meteorologist of the Weather Channel Régis Crépet announced that the season could prove to be relatively mild, in an interview given to Le Point. If the ice age does not seem to be on the program this year, that will not prevent ice, snow and cold from being present.

Caution will be required when driving your car. To make sure nothing can happen to you, here’s what to do.

In 34 departments, winter tires become mandatory from November 1, explains the Caradisiac site. Remember to put them on if you are concerned by the measure, which will allow you to improve your vehicle’s grip on the road. This effect is particularly appreciated in the event of ice…

Also, if your car’s engine is thermal, it needs one thing to run well: heat. In order not to wear it out, a good practice is to respect a slight heating time so that the machine reaches the right temperature. His life expectancy will be extended.

Leaving in the cold, taking refuge at home and forgetting the few errands done in the car is a scenario that recurs regularly in winter. Alas, leaving your belongings in your car is not a very good idea. Many objects are damaged by the effect of negative mercury and foodstuffs become inedible.

Who feels the impact of freezing temperatures? Planet lists in the slideshow below the things you should never leave in your car during the coldest season.