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In 2003, two young calls Lena Katina and Julia Vólkova represented Russia at the festival of Eurovision song contest . When they went up to the stage, everyone expected a scene of scandalous or at the very least subidita of tone, as their videos had a high content of sensual, but the duo was held back and got a dignísima third position in the contest.

t.To.T.u , the Russian band most successful of all time thanks to the more than 40 million copies sold around the world, had been famous for a few songs very catchy and danceable, but mostly because topped their live performances with an intense and long kissing lesbians , which became icons of LGBT people.

After a casting among more than five hundred girls, their manager and producer, Ivan Shapovalov, presented in society in 1999 as a romantic partner that transferred its love to the stage. But it was all an assembly: the two were heterosexual and were not even friends. But the representative is not had scruples to invent a story of passion teen , symbolized with the name of the group, t.To.T.or, a sort of abbreviation of the phrase “Eta dievushka lyubit your dievushku”, which in Spanish means “This girl loves that girl”.

His emergence in the world of pop was brilliant, and ended up becoming a symbol of sexual liberation. But there was a small problem: the two were under age , and many felt that their daring proposal in the sound aesthetics was worthy of being described as “pop paedophile” . Shapovalov surely could not have anticipated the huge success that they were going to meet in all the world, and did not have a complete strategy. So I had to continue making up the entire chapters of their love story on the fly.

in the meantime, his songs continued to plague around the world. Especially “All The Things She Said” , who won the award for Best Song in Russia, and an MTV Europe Music Award.

To 2004, they were already very tired after a whole five years of lies about his personal life, and they decided to break up with your manager . Continued to five more years of musical career, because without the attention of the media, which lost interest in them as soon as they knew the truth, and in 2009 broke up the duo by the lack of success.

But after a brief year of separation, the group went back to the activity, although now without the popularity of its early days. They gave some concerts and were protagonists of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sochi , but in 2014 the duo returned to break after a huge rage among the singers, and the definitive end of t.To.T.u was announced by Lena Katina with a message on your social networks: “With reason of incorrect behavior from Julia to me, I must announce that our future collaboration has become absolutely impossible. Apart from many painful things that he has said about me, Julia gave me an ultimatum, refused to participate in the group with me if you don’t obey her and her team on all aspects that have to do with the artistic direction of the group. If not, it would find another redhead with curly hair for sustituirme”.

Only there was another fleeting reunion in 2016 , on the occasion of the ceremony of the 25 years of the children’s musical group Russian Neposedi. Since then, they have not been seen again.

“I will Not accept a gay son”

Now Julia has 35 years and is the mother of two young children. When t.To.T.or they separated attempted to launch a solo career with the album “All because of you” , but failed commercially. And then came the worst news of his life: a diagnosis of thyroid cancer. Fortunately was able to overcome it, but in one of the surgeries that he had to undergo he lost his voice, and she was forced to give up their dreams of continuing to live the music . However, found another way of earning the life that has gone very well until now: his own line of shoes C&C shoes by Julia Volkova. The latest news that we have had of it are related with a certain obsession with cosmetic surgery , which has left it virtually unrecognizable. But the biggest disappointment for fans came when revealed their true feelings about homosexuality . “God created man for procreation, it is nature,” he said after the separation of the group. “The man for me is the support, strength… A man has no right to be queer. Two girls together is not the same as two men together. It seems to Me that lesbians look aesthetically much better than two men holding hands or kissing. I will not accept a gay son”. After qualified his statements: “t.To.T.u have always supported and will always support gay people, and I will too; but I would rather that my child not burdened with that weight on their shoulders”.

Julia Volkova, after undergoing multiple operations for cosmetic surgery – ABC

Lena also had a son , but unlike his former partner said he was bisexual . And had more luck with the music. He made his debut with the single “Never Forget”, that snuck into the charts of european, and even outside of Russia it is not popular, in his mother’s homeland continues to be a star pop.

Lena Katina – Instagram