With two assists in the tournament there is a Ruud and Is once again on the recordkoers this season. He now has a total of twelve of them in Belgium and throughout Europe. Two seasons ago, he was among Leko in 24 across all competitions.

L READ AS WELL. Club Brugge not to spill the opportunities, but will remain error-free when on the move.

“But this record to me is not working, you know”, counterde of the Board. “Two years ago, it was very good, but now I find it to be very good. Just wait, I have that doelpuntje in the league. It would have been.” Is thought the game will never panikeerde, in spite of the fact that Club Brugge is with the missed opportunities, however, which was playing with fire. “I’ve never lost control. It is true that we can do it faster, had to finish it, but we have created a lot of chances. Training to fly these opportunities, however, all of them in. It’s just a detail. Nothing to worry about.”

Okereke: “I need to learn to stay focused”

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The hardest part was finishing, two of the other beckoning opportunities, he is incomprehensible, are. Okereke was once a green smile after the game. “Of course, I am very happy to score a goal, but two other options can also be found at my stomach. During the second chance, I saw the first post, but I often have to slap down. During these phases, I still have to learn how to stay focused. Even though I have already achieved. As you can see, but I need to keep learning and working on in training.” After a period of time in addition to the team, finds Okereke, however, once again, turn around. Two matches, two goals for the Nigerian. It’s enough to make him altogether a god. “I stand here before you with the peace of mind. Better than the last couple of weeks, but this is a good one. We have a very strong team, and the competition is tough. That is a good thing.”

A VIDEO. How Okereke this is a chance to miss out?

for More on the SV Zulte Waregem, belgium Francky Dury had his mouth open to Club Brugge: I really don’t who this team is going to plug. They are in a class of so-called” Club Brugge is spilt with opportunities, but will remain error-free when on the move, How Okereke this is a chance to miss out? Facility news. Premier League clubs are considering bids at the Second player has no reason to doubt”, at Club Brugge