The Deutsche Bahn and the train drivers Union GDL want to record the beginning of the year their collective bargaining negotiations. You have received from the railway improved offers, announced the GDL on Wednesday. On 3. January should be spoken in Frankfurt. “We have checked the offers on the heart and kidneys, and then decided that we would re-enter the negotiations,” said GDL-boss Claus Weselsky. “A critical Parameter for the working improvements are in order.”

In some points there was agreement, in the case of exact separation of professional and private life you need to find more accurate rules, said Weselsky. Clarified, in particular, some points would have to be in the exact separation between service and private life. They are the first to be convened no arbitration, which is agreed to a standstill of the talks.

it was Only after the Failure of a mediation, the GDL would have been allowed to go on strike. However, the Union had threatened that the members could now refuse to accept Overtime, which could have had at the tense staff situation of the state group, a similar effect to a strike. As to whether at least some drivers to pull this card, gave it on Wednesday, no new information.