A picnic with friends, a romantic lunch on the terrace, or even a barbecue with the family. In summer, there is always an intruder to spoil your festive meals: a mosquito, a wasp, a fly… To get rid of them and eat serenely while enjoying a convivial moment, there are many tips.

You can use essential oils, plant flowers that repel them, or opt for one of our coffee grounds tricks. You can also eat away from fruit trees, garbage cans or flower beds where these flying insects often like to twirl around.

If a wasp circles around you while you are having your dessert, be careful: a certain number of gestures are to be totally avoided so as not to endanger you or your loved ones. First, avoid sudden movements: the wasp could feel threatened and sting you to defend itself.

Also, pay attention to cans and other opaque containers that are on the table: check that a wasp has not slipped inside while trying to taste your drink. Prefer transparent containers: you will prevent wasps from drowning and you from getting stung.

While some foods would do better to be kept away from the table as they attract wasps, you also need to be careful about the clothes you wear and the smells you give off. In our slideshow, discover five things that make you a target for wasps.