Barbecue is a true French passion. In 2021, according to a study relayed by LSA, 63% of households in France had a barbecue machine, whether it was a charcoal, electric, plancha barbecue… This is of course the been that aficionadas take their devices out of the garage.

For eight out of ten people, grilling is synonymous with conviviality and good times with loved ones. In short, a privileged summer moment.

Especially since the recipe possibilities are endless: meat and skewers, vegetables to grill… There’s something for everyone.

But if many French people claim to taste grilled meats very often from June to September, few people think of reusing the ashes of their barbecue… While they have benefits as long as we know what to do with them. They are, for example, rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium oxides.

Be careful, however, to recycle your ashes in the garden or at home, not all types of ashes are good to take. While charcoal ashes can be used without problems, this is not the case with coal ashes or briquettes, which contain too many heavy metals.

Also note these three precautions to take before reusing your barbecue ashes:

If you still decide to get rid of your ashes, simply throw them in a standard trash can, or in your garden.

Household, gardening, cooking… In our slideshow, discover 9 useful uses for your barbecue ashes.