Thomas Müller from the German football champion Bayern Munich has taken team-mate Franck Ribery after his insults against his critics after the consumption of a 24-carat gold leaf-covered Ribeye Steaks. “In these moments in which he feels unfairly treated, where he is hard to attack, then the horses go through with it. He can’t control himself just so,“ said Müller on the edge of the training camp in Doha in Qatar on Sunday.

“He is a very emotional person, as it has been holding in his whole career so far witnessed,” said national team player said: “I think, however, that in the course of the career is better, even if it has been with such situations. However, it is also so that it will be a lot of attacks. We know that Franck is an absolute team player. And if he feels attacked, it’s already happened more often, he’s Everything in the world defended,“ said the professional of thegerman soccer-master. “Maybe with resources then others have well covered. He sees this, of course, differently, because he feels different.“

“of course, are always topics that bring a bit of unrest. But eherfür our athletic Director, our Association Chairman or. Department. For us as a team, that’s not really relevant,“ said Müller. “Of course, keep at the table about it, but it is more of a private matter.” Basically, Ribéry did not know “how to behave”, stressed Müller.

Ribéry had written to criticism of the consumption of the Steaks on the Social networks, among other things: “we Start with the jealous people and haters like to profess, to be caused by a leaky condom: F**** your mothers, your grandmothers and your entire family tree.” He does not owe the people anything at all, he wrote more, and added, that he found his success primarily to God, owe it to himself and his Confidants, who have believed in him, and added: “For the other, you are as pebbles in my socks!”

Ribéry has received for his gaffes on the Internet, according to the Association information, a monetary penalty. “Of course the club needs to respond and has responded. Accordingly, the issue is for us. We don’t want to make sports-related topics is in the foreground, even if it is not so easy in training camp to push the issue,“ said the 29-Year-old. Reluctant team-mate Leon Goretzka said. “This is a private thing between Franck and the Association. The club has expressed, I should like to leave it,“ said the former Schalke.

On Sunday morning in Doha brought Ribery to happen, meanwhile, the impression that nothing had. On the way to the training ground in the sprawling Aspire Academy, he was Arm-in-Arm with Rafinha, from his mobile phone music sounded. Only a little later, it was then clear that something was going to happen. Sports Director Hasan Salihamidzic admitted that Ribery had made a gaffe that could not accept the FC Bayern. A very high monetary penalty will have to pay the Frenchman, according to Salihamidzic that he and his pregnant wife Wahiba in the social NetzwerkInstagrammit a vulgar attack against its critics on the defensive. Ribéry had previously been in the comments to the part of “viciously insulted” (Salihamidzic), because he had eaten on Friday in a posh Restaurant in Dubai, Steak.