Taiwan’s President, Tsai Ing-wen, has accused China, the democracy on the island. Beijing lead a “targeted campaign” against Taiwan, said the President on Saturday, representatives of the foreign media in Taipei. The show is also in China’s intention to start negotiations with Taiwan’s opposition parties instead of the government.

Beijing to “our democratic process to reverse the process and split our society,” said the President. She called on the allies to defend Taiwan’s sovereignty against Beijing’s increasingly aggressive rhetoric.

“If the international community does not speak under the present circumstances, for Taiwan and it is supported, then I have to ask, who’s next?”, Tsai said. The United States has not recognized Taiwan diplomatically, however, is Washington’s closest political and military allies of the island.

The Chinese President Xi Jinping had reiterated on Wednesday that China is seeking reunification with Taiwan, and the use of military force is not excluded. The “inevitable” re-unification will be made in accordance with the formula of “One country, two systems”. This is the Motto of the former British crown colony Hong Kong in 1997 had been returned to China.