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The Virgin of August is one of the dates more bull of the year: the Dove, in Madrid, to which much care had Vicente Zabala father; the Fair of Malaga; the Great Week of San Sebastian; the Virgin of Begoña, Gijón… This year, for the Covid, lidia their first run on Victorino Martin in an extremaduran village, Herrera del Duque: the bulls serious, well-armed, square first, with caste and emotion. Two ears, short Jose Garrido at the fifth, was rewarded with the return to the arena.

In the first, abrupt, Manuel Escribano shines in flags (passed a time of trouble, losing its foot on the break the violin). Be professional and firm in the crutch but the bull is lid, go for the kill. The fourth, “Platonic”, this is not a love but a fighting bull, the horse, and noble, in the crutch. Scribe banderillea with ease and achieves natural, long, temperate, enjoying a lot. The sevillian click above and descabella two times. It all stays in request and back to the arena.

The second, astifino, it breaks down in the horse, is greedy and humble. Receive Garrido with bright lances, flexing the leg. The fiddling around, something fast, has delivery and emotion but does not kill well. The fifth, cross-eyed python, expected in the banderillas. Garrido put him in the crutch, seeks to extend the onslaught, and link, in a fiddling meritorious, that goes beyond that. The half lunge is enough. The enthusiasm is unleashed, you will be granted the two ears and also the back to the hemline of the bravo and noble bull.

Only a year takes as matador, the Portuguese Juanito, formed in the School of Badajoz, that I’ve seen performances of a very brave in Olivenza. This afternoon lydia for the first time this currency. In the third, very loose, right out of the querencias and achieved big right hands long, bossy. In the end, loses foot and is injured, on the floor, the banderillero, Alfonso Gomez. Failure Dewey with the sword. In the past, are again showing a very decided, even though the bull is back. To be your first run with the victorines, has been worthy.

Each one in its style, the three right-handed have been met, unless at the time of killing: they would have been able to cut more trophies. The lack of runs may be the excuse but, if it is not right with the sword, the triumph vanishes. If the bulls have breed and the right-handed delivery, the excitement is guaranteed. That has always been the Party.

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