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Tobacco opens next Thursday, July 2, with the exhibition “Ramón Masats. Visit Spain” and “The skin built. Javier Chozas,” as has been communicated by the Ministry of Culture and Sport. Samples may be viewed in the rooms The Main and in The Forge of Tobacco. Promotion of the Art, respectively, until the 12th of October.

“Ramon Masats. Visit Spain”

Between 1955 and 1965 Ramon Masats covers the geography of Spain with his camera and an obsession in his head: to portray the topics with which the official culture, blessing the values patriotic. Beginning then his career as a contributor to several publications, and this trip allowed the development of a groundbreaking work that revolutionized the sad picture of the official picture, still entangled in their dependence of the aesthetic canons that the classical order was imposed to the new discipline.

At the time, the work of Masats coincides with the end of autarky in franco’s dictatorship and with the opening designed by the government with the creation of the Ministry of Information and Tourism (1951), and the National Plan of Tourism (1953). is Visit Spain was that first message that you used the official propaganda.

In this scenario Masats began his particular tour focused on the rites of traditional and folk described as topical. Your story draws a picture of a country trapped in material poverty, laminate in the social and staunch in his attachment to the spiritual. The powerful graphics of your photos and the particular irony of his glance meant the new imprint of documentary photography, in which the personality of the photographer builds a suggestion beyond the mere reality optics of the photographic image, and its final interpretation is left to only the viewer. is Suggestions photo that have colonized our memory.

“The skin built. Javier Chozas”

The exhibition “The Skin Built” poses, through a sculptural installation that occupies the space of The Forge in Tabacalera Madrid, a reflection, open on the articulation of desire, vanity, and guilt in the ecosystem of contemporary, increasingly defined and designed in the digital sphere.

Javier Huts using the sculptural language, and proposes a scenery continues that it exposes us to the deepest dimension of the dark desire, the space of what is carnal in front of the character, boldness in the face of fear of rejection, the struggle between identity and skin.

from this series of works and his proposition space, this exhibition brings us closer to the aesthetic universe of the artist, which opens as a door to question our mode of channeling desire, and bind us in a world that is increasingly mediated.