Traffic law: legal experts call for Review of the Diesel-limits


    The German traffic law doubts prohibited, the authorization of the currently applicable emission limit for the imposition of diesel driving. The EU Commission should have the value for nitrogen dioxide of 40 microgram per cubic meter of air scientific review, called on the experts Congress on Friday in Goslar.

    Because beyond this value, imposed by driving interventions, bans on older diesel vehicles, in fundamental rights, should bans be arranged only on the basis of a scientifically-based limit value as the last means, it is said in the recommendation. Already enacted driving bans, should be continuously on their lawfulness checked.

    The German traffic law (VGT) called on the legislature to develop an overall concept for the reduction of all relevant pollutants including nitrogen dioxide. In order to achieve the fastest possible reduction of the NO2-values, there should be for older Diesel vehicles, a Hardware upgrade to participate in the cost of the manufacturer.