Dries Mertens should be in this week, one of the most effective player of This name. The Red Devil has scored in the Champions League against RB Salzburg (2-3 win) in two goals and passed out with his 116 goals for the Italian club, with the great Diego Maradona. And it is proud of, as it turns out.

It was time that the 32-year-old Will be the some of the Argentine legend would beat it and then even go beyond. A couple of times and managed to the Belgian, but on Wednesday it was on that day, with goals from the number of 115, and 116 for the Right. Only Marek Hamsik to do with 121 hits, is still better than the Belgian attacker.

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“I’m very happy with the two goals, but for now, I make a little bit more and be a part of the club history of Rome. I’m proud of it,” said Will, then. “I’m Diego and beyond, is an absolute icon in this town, and now I hope to Marek for all the exercises. I’m not Marek, but hopefully it will happen soon, before Christmas.”

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“Birth rush”

the Outside saw it happen and was proud of the man that passed him by. Telling the Spaniard in the interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport.

“It took me by surprise is, what it sounds like. “It wasn’t a disappointment. On the contrary, I applauded it for Will. When he scored, I was thinking of doing This and not me. I’m looking at all of the games, especially in the Champions League. In the game against Salzburg, it was entertaining, not good, but it’s fun enough, because it’s always great to get a win.”

“Will is a natural born striker, even though he knew it not. All of his goals, were not able to be scored by a person who is not a striker at heart,” said Fell, who is hoping that the belgian, his expiring contract with Napoli will be to extend. “I would like to do something that he wouldn’t leave. He’s fine if the players get a better salary, but it is also true that it Will be nowhere else in the world can be so well-liked, well-respected, pampered, and important, to feel like in Italy.”

the Outside made a phone call to the president, Aurelio De Laurentiis. “And so, mr. president, this guy will not go away. He is now more than thirty have passed, but he runs, plays, and score goals, and with a freshness and enthusiasm of a young person. But Will really leave, he will always be welcome at La Plata with my club Gimnisia his training-ed.).”

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