the about sixty-travel through the Spanish player to the Wamos were acquired from the estate of Thomas Cook, will open on Monday again, and the doors to the public. That is, the acquirer has a Sunday base. That is the part of travellers to help you?

the Wamos was about ten days ago, well-known for 62 of the 91 of the travel shops on the teloorgegane at Thomas Cook Retail Belgium, and about 200 of the 500 employees). Over the past week, it was all hands on deck to make that comeback happen. Wamos Benelux-was established, and that there was an agreement on wages and conditions of employment of acquired employees. Currently, not all of it problems on the job, but we’re going to be tomorrow with the shopping, usually all of the 62”, according to Frédéric, Of Waeijenberge, the director of the Wamos Uk. “It was a very, very important, in order to re-start. The most important thing is that we can re-live it.”

Many questions

at The time of acquisition of the estate of Thomas Cook-stores in by Wamos is a little on the situation of the victims. Passengers who have their trip in the water, and saw it fall, or the money to get to see the process that this will not be immediately accelerated. “The buyer does not faillissementreizen out. In the stores, they only have their own tours to sell in the future, it will happen,” said consumers ‘ association Test-achats La Libre. “Well, you can re-open the stores and the contact with the travel a little bit easier for you.”

now The consumer has to make their hands full with the case. “There are around 300 calls a day to our hotline.” Also, Waeijenberge is expected to ask questions of the customers, which, in the past, Thomas Cook/Neckermann travel had been booked, and cancelled, saw through the bankruptcy of your tour operator.

Is employee search

The stores of the Wamos is to be operated under the brand Neckermann), but there are, in the first instance, to travel from the other players, such as Corendon, Pegase as well as Club Med, offer. Is the website, will be we have not entered into it. “It’s a matter of a few days,” said Waeijenberge.

you may Also use Els De Coster, of the liberal trade union, confirmed that the 62 reisshops, the doors will open for you. Still, not all stores have a full line-up, in total, about 150 people are at work, but there are plenty of contracts to be signed in order for the doors to open it, it says that the vakbondsvrouw. The head office, where 45 people can be employees to search, sounds like it’s still in the FEDERATION.