the public lie works as a business model, must not be detected. Who is lying openly and brazenly, and again, not only proves that he has sincerity necessary. Who has not asked themselves since the first 133 lies of the American President had not been listed three months after taking office, carefully, what is it that makes leaders of this caliber to be notorious liars. Long all is clear: lying is politics. The common liar does not care if he twisted the facts and trust. Do this in good conscience and completely private, as we learn from a newly published meta-study by the Berlin’s Max-Planck-Institute for research in education, after review of 565 in the everyday lies studies, at least 42 percent of men and 38 percent of women.

The clumsy lies of politicians. He doesn’t give also not a matter of whether he can be voted out of office, because he trusts that only one thing counts: His lies strategy must rise, you must convince his clientele. That’s all. To hide the pious liar but behind the kitchen table, who builds the lying business, reputable and transparent runs like Trump, on a tight complicity and the System. So much simple-mindedness of the Australian and American psychologists did not want to believe, of course. True friends of democracy should have at least so much decency, a convicted lying politicians punish. A few hundred Australians have therefore put up an Online Test on the sample: one half was a Mix of true and untrue statements of the two leading politicians of the country, the other half were presented almost exclusively false allegations. The test participants should then rate the politicians and say whether you would choose the politicians. Then the same policy were statements with a fact check once again submitted and their response requested. Conclusion: this lie avenges itself. The lying politicians was not to the correct position for most of the participants can be selected.