You like to prepare a good coffee in the morning for breakfast… So you offered yourself a coffee maker for this purpose. You should know, however, that regardless of its model, it requires, like all appliances in your kitchen, regular maintenance. Because tartar quickly permeates the walls of it, indicates Côté Maison.

It must then be cleaned, at the risk of seeing it malfunction and deteriorate, until its functions cease. So when scale debris ends up in your drink or at the bottom of the tank, it’s time to use one of these three techniques to get rid of the impurities, according to Le Journal des Femmes:

Your hotplates aren’t working and all you have left is your functional coffee maker? That’s all it takes to whip up a delicious meal. Planet has made in the slideshow below the list of recipes that your device is able to prepare, according to How-to-save.

This contraption indeed offers a quite viable alternative to other kitchen utensils when it comes to boiling water. Steam cooking is therefore particularly possible.