Who is interested in good conversation that gets to do it constantly with CTS Eventim. The company not only dominated the ticket market in Europe, but events is also the organizer of concerts and other large number one. Whether Wagner operas or rock concerts of Rammstein, whether Festivals like “Rock am Ring” or Shows à la “Holiday on Ice”, whether the forthcoming football world Cup, or in March, the beginning of the end of the tour Herbert Grönemeyer – all about CTS Eventim.

Thomas Klemm

editor in the area of “money & More” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

F. A. Z.

Up to 8000 Shows during the year, the company organized part of sites that it operates: for example, in the Cologne Lanxess-Arena, or the Berlin forest stage. More than a quarter of a billion tickets by CTS Eventim in 2017, via its Online marketing platforms and 20,000 points of sale. In 2018, a record was again a year in terms of turnover and profit, as Eventim-founder and chief Executive, Klaus-Peter Schulenburg, after the third quarter in view.

So splendid business in 23 countries, runs: The world of entertainment CTS Eventim is no longer enough, now it’s the ticket seller enters a new sphere. If everything is the way it plans, the Federal government, motorists will no longer come in the future, to CTS Eventim. The company has just received with the Austrian telematics specialist Kapsch Traffic Com the contract for the toll collection on German motorways and Federal roads. The consortium should build the roads, as well as an App and a website to develop, so that motorists of all countries can register. The electronic Vignette is to come, according to the Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) in October 2020, if the toll collection is not stopped by the European court of justice.

All analysts positive

For CTS Eventim would be the job of the Federal government, focused on a minimum of twelve years and two billion euros a further chance to earn money is voted. The Eventim profit in 2017 at 112 million euros, and in 2018 is expected to be more than a tenth higher, could rise by five to six per cent, estimate analysts. Especially, the company can prove it with the toll that it can have on its platform a lot more than sell tickets. Given the potential for Growth, it is no wonder that CTS Eventim pleased investors after the toll surcharge for the new year, some of the popularity.

Since the IPO in 2000, a tenfold increase in the share price of CTS Eventim. In the past few months he has suffered, but arg. The correction on the stock markets, especially in technology-heavy companies, has also resulted in CTS Eventim affected. Since the peak in June 2018, the rate fell to 23 percent. As a result, the stock has become cheaper. The price-to-earnings ratio of 22 remains challenging, it appears for a growing company, but it is justified.

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Although CTS Eventim is recently descended from the M-Dax in the small value index S-Dax, are all eight of the analysts dealing with the company, a positive effect of Seven rates voted: to Purchase the share, one to Keep. Your goal of course of twelve months is on average 42,58 Euro, for nine euros more than currently.