Computer, toaster, fridge… They have in common that they fear power surges. This sudden peak of electrical energy is caused by lightning and ends up, sooner or later, inevitably damaging them.

Dominique Lejop, lightning expert, explains in the columns of the 6:39 p.m. media: “Even if they are not destroyed instantly, this can cause electrical equipment to age prematurely”. And these are not the only devices at risk. All your household appliances are concerned.

However, according to the Météo France bulletin, on 09/01/2022, 40 departments were already placed in storm yellow vigilance. And the weather anomaly could also last for several days. What make you want to stay, as recommended by the media mentioned above, caulked at home, and avoid any travel. Ideally, you should even:

Because a storm can be dangerous: intense rain can occur with the appearance of hail, wind… And especially lightning, capable of calcining a tree and or causing fires. Not to mention that this could quickly make you regret your last household appliance purchases…

Once sheltered from the weather, you now have to take care of your home. There is no way a power surge will damage any of your electrical equipment.

To prevent any problems, Planet has produced the slideshow below which lists 5 precautions to take to preserve your home, after 6:39 p.m.