(Thomas Cook) have, with immediate effect, the activities stop, the travel to close, and all of the aircraft on the ground. The oldest tour operator in the world, last night failed to secure a 200-million pound (or 226 million euros), to be found, and must file for bankruptcy.

The Uk’s reisconcern Thomas Cook with immediate effect, and have ceased trading, reported to the Uk civil aviation authority CAA early Monday morning, on Twitter. “For all bookings made with Thomas Cook, including flights and holidays are now cancelled”, what it sounds like. The 178-year-old Thomas has a worldwide 22,000 employees.

even Though Thomas Cook said last month: 1 billion euros in fresh capital as it was described by the Chinese shareholder, and the banks, the operator, again, at 226 million euros, is required in order to get through the winter. For now, it is to book a hotel for this time of year. Sunday morning held with the top management of the company to have a consultation with the largest shareholders and the lenders, a new loan is to have a plan to disconnect for weeks, but it was a failure.

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In a press release suggests that Thomas Cook has the crisisoverleg of Sunday’s agreement have been completed. According to Peter Fankhauser, chief executive officer of the party, was, that, however, is almost the case, but it proved to be an additional request at the end of the negotiations, end of the world. In the press release, then the CEO, his regret, and he excuses himself “for our millions of customers, thousands of employees, vendors, suppliers, and partners.

the British government has been to make money, but was not in on it. “It is true that the government has been asked to support, at a value of about 150 million pounds,” says the prime minister, Boris Johnson. “It is, of course, a lot of taxpayers ‘ money. The people are going to notice that moral hazard poses, for when all the other companies, even in the face of such economic challenges.”

The German airline, Condor, a subsidiary of the failed British tour group, Thomas Cook, continue to fly, but the German government is, however, an emergency assistance is requested. Berlin-the question is now to investigate, according to Condor.

600 employees in Belgium.

you can Also look at Thomas Cook Belgium, is now operational and is looking at what options are available to reduce the impact of the liquidation of the British parent company, to reduce, for its customers, and employees. “The management and staff of Thomas Cook Belgium the fact that the Thomas Cook Group Plc and has not found a solution to its financial challenges and, consequently, the book has laid out”, is the response of the Belgian organization ” Monday.

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“We have to understand that this is a lot of questions from our customers and will make every effort to make this as good as possible,” said Thomas Cook in Belgium. “On Monday, we are operating and all of the shops are going to be 9: 30 a.m. for the doors to open. All of the flights were in the morning carried on as planned.” The new holidays-book work for free any more. “As a matter of precaution, because of the consequences of such a bankruptcy to assess.” In Belgium the work of 600 people at Thomas Cook. “We will do everything we can to keep our employees, as well as assist them in these difficult times, and to keep in touch with the social partners”, which sounds even.

The company has forty years of operating in the country. Every year 700.000 Belgians are on holiday with Thomas Cook and Neckermann. There are currently almost 10,000 people on the trip.

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an estimated 150,000 Britons can now enjoy a holiday, which is the group reported. The government and the civil aviation authority CAA have dozens of chartervliegtuigen leased to the customers of the British tour group, Thomas Cook’s return to the Uk to fly. It’s going to be the biggest evacuation in peace time.

“All of the customers who are currently on the market with Thomas Cook and have booked to go back to the Uk in the next two weeks, and will be for the house to be placed as close as possible to their booked date of return” will be heard. “The new flights will start as of today, the 23rd of september.”

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the World would be about 600.000 tourists, feedback should be given. This Sunday, all of the empty aircraft departed, according to the BBC. Among them there are 10,000 people in belgium. In Belgium (Thomas Cook) not a private airline company and more. That is, it was in 2017 and is largely taken over by Brussels Airlines. The airline will be transporting, since then, about 80% of the people who are in the Thomas Cook or end of books.

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