tour Operator Thomas Cook, has gone out of business, and have to start all operations to stop. Worldwide to 600,000 holidaymakers will be repatriated, among whom were thousands of people in belgium. Are you affected by bankruptcy? Please let us know.

The curtain dropped for the tour operator, Thomas Cook. The company did not have in room 226 million euros, is to be found, and it must file for bankruptcy. The Uk government launch some of the biggest repatriëringscampagne in a time of peace for all travellers to re-enter the United Kingdom market. Thousands of Belgians have been affected by it. If you are one of them. Please let us know by going to the following link and leave your name and phone number here.

Please contact our support team via this link.
find out More about Thomas Cook Thomas Cook is bankrupt, how is it so far? And for those concerned? All the questions are answered, “If Thomas Cook Belgium decided to set the books down, there’s plenty of money to get people to pay” for Thomas Cook, has gone out of business: all trips are canceled, the united kingdom authorities to start evacuation of Thomas Cook, set of activities to immediately stop. What if you have a trip booked with the tour operator?