The Belgian men, and the promises (the road race) will arrive Tuesday night at the teamhotel in York, england for the world cup in Yorskhire. On Wednesday, a last long training program.

“All the Belgians have to take a flight from Brussels to Manchester,” said head coach Rik Verbrugghe. “Even in the two-Monegasken, who, flying from Nice to Brussels, and will be in the same plane as the other men eliterenners and promises. They will be arriving around 19h at the hotel.”

On Wednesday, the state will be a long work in the program. “That is the first big loop of the world, it is still very important,” said the head coach. “It’s going to be up to 185 km), it is interesting to note that the Belgians are the loop once again. We don’t go for the whole part of exploring, that would be too long. But we have to drive to a certain point, the floats and the start of the training. Everyone knows that no one is on Tuesday, is a long work to do. On Wednesday, it will explore 4.30 pm to take, all of that can vary, from rider to rider.”

On Thursday, the investigation of the local circuit in and around the town centre were on the programme.

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