In Japan they have a few hours of the night with the moon breathing’. A little trick that you only have your right hand and focus on your breathing, to need. There is a new book full of Japanese life wisdom: ‘ the Kaizen-The Japanese Method for Transforming Habits, One Small Step at a Time ’.

Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning “change for the better”. In her self-help book, the British author, Sarah Harvey, which is a period of time in Tokyo and lived there for the reader to be an incentive to take matters into your hands, and get more out of life. One of the aspects of ‘ better life? To get more sleep.

In the hectic world of today, the camps are a lot of people with sleep disorders. Everyone has their own way of therapy, to the pills to the back of the mind, but one treatment is better than the other. In Japan, there are no drugs being used. A very simple oefeningetje with the fingers of your right hand would work wonders.

here’s what you need to do:

1. Go to the comfort: sit or lie down.

2. Close your eyes, and to relax . Imagine for a moment that in your eyes, in a pool of fresh water.

3. Squeeze with your thumb with the right nostril to close it. Take a deep breath in through the left nostril. Why is that? It is believed that the left-hand side of the body, it is most closely associated with the central nervous system.

4. In the meantime, may your index and middle fingers, a resting in the palm of your hand . Your ring finger and your little finger, you have to hold the extended: .

5. When you breathe out, you go your fingers to move it. Now, you can use the left-hand nostril close with ring with the thumb on your right nostril, release.

6. Repeat of this exercise is to get yourself a more relaxed feeling. If it goes well, feels like your head is freer, and you can rest easy instead of worrying.

the lower stress

The author is a self-help gimmick, as they are in the middle of the night, and is worried that she’s not sleeping again, will be able to get it. Also, if you get during the day is a very stressful time, you can, you are calmer to make. Japanese wisdom in the category of the try-at-home !

for More on Sleep and Stop with the sleeping pills: how do you do it? “To an Abrupt stop, it is not without risk”, One out of five respondents took the once sleeping pills Annick Ruyts, and her few fellow-sufferers: “it is Only after I have a three-day, non-stop, and had cried a lot, I was looking for help,” the long journey is behind you, but you have to get back to work, so keep that in jet lag you’re playing tricks after a holiday.