Bruges (brugge) –

the native of bruges, Alain De Coessemaeker need to have a house in a Street in the Bases to sell. That is, the bomenvriend Friday morning to be heard before the labour court.

finally, The labour court ruled in december that The Coessemaeker to his home to sell for the huge penalties to pay, which he and his neighbours have, as a result of a continuing dispute over trees in his garden. In 2013, the justice of the peace, and that the trees that are too close to the property line were the way it was, because they are neighbours to lots of hurt the organism. For each day’s delay had to be Coessemaeker thousands of euro to pay for it.

Because the trees have a high sentimental value to the man, he decided to transplant it in place of grub. An event that, as a lot of the time it took for the penalties increased to 800,000 euros. Even though that amount is firmly established, it was resolved, the mediator of debts and have no other option than to sell the house.


In its decision, the labour court is Friday morning issue: the occupation of the husband was rejected, and he must have a house to sell, the payments may not have to pay for it. The court decided, however, to the debt, in part get back to name calling. The amount for which the house is to be sold, shall be taken out of the payment of 800,000 euros. The remaining balance will be forgiven.

however, In practice, it is a judgment within the week to be a mediator of debts and be concerned, and that is to take action. Will Alain be given the opportunity to have the house to sell it. If it fails, it will be up to a sale to buy it.

‘ Alain, it is not going to have a house to sell. “This is the place where I grew up, and I will do everything in their power to make the sale to stop her. I will be the first to return to the table and sit down with the neighbors, if they so desire. If this doesn’t work, I will have to check what are the legal drugs I’ve had. Maybe we will start even with a ‘crowd funding’ to allow the sale to go to. If I go to the European court of human rights.”