If nowadays, the use of the stamp is less and less frequent, since the exchanges are digitized en masse, it still fascinates a handful of aficionados, who take the subject very seriously.

They are the philatelists. And their art of collecting almost confers science. Because the study of stamps is full of historical details and specificities that often deserve to be examined with a magnifying glass.

Thus, each stamp is referenced by an identification number linked to its order of issue.

All these numbers are listed in the so-called quotation catalogs (Yvert

This quotation gives an idea of ​​the value of a stamp, but the price that one draws from it, very often, does not exceed 40% of its amount.

However, some stamps are so rare and so sought after that they sell for several thousand euros… Find out in our slideshow if you own one of them.

If you have a well-stocked stamp collection, you may be sitting on a real treasure trove. However, for your stamp to have a chance of attracting the attention of specialists, it must above all:

The most expensive stamp in the world sold for no less than 7.9 million euros at auction in June 2014, in New York. This is the 1 Cent Magenta, an octagonal toothless stamp depicting a sailing ship, printed in British Guiana in 1856.

To get the best estimate for your precious scraps of paper, get information from a philatelist association, or consult the most recent quotation catalogues.