This weekend, you will surely be able to enjoy a breath of fresh air and a little deserved rest. And if the weather promises to be less torrid than last week, the forecasts remain encouraging in many regions, where the next few days are expected to be summery.

As a family, as a couple or alone, have you decided to leave to take full advantage of your bridge? If you plan to cross France by car, you will have to rely on road traffic, which promises to be very dense.

Between Wednesday evening and Sunday, motorists will be numerous on the roads of France. As usual, certain axes of the A10, A6 and A7 will be particularly busy, in the direction of the south, in particular. Sunday, the day will be black in the direction of the returns.

In our slideshow, discover the situation to anticipate for each day.

This year, luck! There are almost no health restrictions in force in France to spoil the pleasure of the long weekend. Last year, at the same time, the mask was still required, and most establishments open to the public were still closed. These conditions had not prevented the French from investing in certain regions of France on the occasion of the Ascension, to recharge their batteries after a particularly difficult year.

In 2021, the PAP Vacances site thus established the list of regions where households had booked en masse during the bridge:

On the Airbnb site, Vaucluse, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Gironde and Seine-Maritime completed the ranking.

This year, it’s also a safe bet that these destinations will be full of tourists over the long weekend.