A man who is in the British media as a “hero” is called after the images have been cropped up on a London commuter train. One of the passengers was a woman here, but she was right to be assisted by some of the commuters. The guy with the beard and continued to curse scream, and it turned into pulling and pushing. “Suddenly, he said, ” the word ‘stab’,” said one passenger. By the unknown “hero” grabbed it immediately, and informed of a head butt from it. The man with the beard was later apprehended by the police.

The train when the incident took place, leaving Thursday to London with many passengers on board. The atmosphere was tense, due to the man several times and shouted that he was out of Afghanistan from. Things get out of hand when he has a female commuter started to feel bothered by them.

the man darted to her aid, but was, according to witnesses, some of the blows of the man with the beard. Forty-something, Del Scott-Lewis testified that, in the British newspaper the Daily Mail that he will be the annoying passenger in the station, wanted to do it on foot.

“I grabbed his arm and pulled him to the middle of the train,” said Scott Lewis. “The man who was the head butt gave them, took hold of his other arm to help. He began to stribbelen.” The man with the beard shouted, according to witnesses, that he would “kill him”. When the word ‘stab’ was, it was done.

“I didn’t see a knife,” says Scott-Lewis. “But, as he uttered the threat. We had a wapenstok, so we gave him a head butt.” Among the passengers were several children, who are afraid to have been. “I’ve never seen such a situation”, says another. “We had to act quickly.”

One of the passengers confirmed the facts in the British media. “It was he who caused the problems,” says Mark Taylor. “An elderly man tried to stop him, but he was with him.” Taylor thinks that no one is in a mysterious commuter that will put an end to the threat he made, something evil on his part. “He has proven to be our car for a service. Therefore, it welcomed the public.”

He also describes as a “hero” in the British press and on social media sites. His identity is still unknown, but several newspapers were already in a call, to name, to figure it out.

the man with The beard was in control, and at the next stop and arrested. The 29-year-old man will remain detained on suspicion of possession of a knife and theft.