A sweet holiday scent. The meteorological summer begins on June 1, 2022 and promises to be hot and stormy over the whole of France. In its four-week trend, The Weather Channel highlights “the establishment of changeable weather with contrasting temperatures between north and south over the next few days”. Compared to the month of May, the month of June should be less hot but more disturbed, with in particular cold drops at the origin of some showers the first ten days of the month. “There are no active rain disturbances in the forecast to stem the drought”, however qualifies the site specializing in meteorology.

For the week of June 30 to 5, the forecaster announces cool air for the northern half of France, and warmer air in the south. Consequently, a stormy deterioration is possible in the east of the country, especially in the second half of the week. “The weekend of June 4 could be stormy in many regions, especially south of the Loire,” we predict. If showers are forecast, they should unfortunately not curb the risk of drought for the summer.

What will the weather be like between June 6 and June 12?

Again, cold drops should punctuate the week of June 6 to 12, with scattered stormy showers which, again, cannot solve the looming drought problem. In addition, we are expecting generally changeable and capricious weather, with temperatures close to normal for the season.

What will the weather be like between June 13 and 19?

Between June 13 and 19, 2022, the weather should be very unstable in the north of the country while it will be milder and warmer in the south. “This development will depend on the swelling of the Azores anticyclone towards our country and the possible persistence of cold drops. We would then find warm weather, especially in the south”, specifies La Chaîne Météo. Although it could be warmer than normal for the month of June, with less precipitation, we must however expect less significant excesses than those of this month of May.

What will the weather be like between June 20 and 26?

For the last week of June, La Chaîne Météo envisages the dominance of generally high pressure weather despite some clouds in the northeast of the country, against much sunnier weather in the southwest. “Under these conditions, the temperatures would be quite high and the drought would continue,” continues the forecaster. For the time being, no heat wave is forecast for the month of June.

It should be noted that at this deadline, the reliability of the forecasts remains limited.