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The week passed away the popular Rosa María Sardá the 78 , one of the great comic actresses contemporary of both theater and film, winning even two Goyas. And, also, and as you know, the elder sister of the also very popular expresentador television Javier Sardá .

Javier Sardá he writes a weekly column in “The Newspaper”, and in its last column has wanted to devote to his family directly with a text sober, a farewell letter, that according to progress of just thrilling and yanked. is “A reader” less , is titled the article.

This section has a reader less. is Not a reader either. It has been a serious reader, passionate, and enthusiastic. Usually I would send your comments by WhatsApp and, when the subject required it, and it was larger, had a call,” starts the text the also tertullian.

Sarda shows as well the grief after the loss: “Today I apologize to all because I don’t talk about any other topic. This article, will be by doing like so many things in life. is Without my reader I’ve been quite alone . I say “quite”, to me the distant. The truth is that the lack of my reading is irreparable. I think that I’ll talk to accounting and that I do not pay for this article. It is an article that is not “.

And imagine what you would say to your “reader” if you read this column: “I Imagine my reader telling me to stop stories and stories and to see if I can put myself in question and I stop the nonsense.

I am grateful to my reader who taught me how to see the world with his passionate temperament and his enormous culture . Goodbye, reader”.