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In the streets of Majorca’s best-known holiday region, it is still unusually quiet. The glass doors of the big hotel resorts are still imposed with cloths, in the garden, plants, deck chairs are stacked. Only the very front, a cross-street behind the famous Playa de Palma, is doing something.

in Front of the Hotel Riu Concordia is a hand waiting journalists on the arrival of the second load of holidaymakers from Germany, to test in the framework of the pilot project of the Balearic government, such holiday may look like in times of Covid-19.

The Press line-up is in no comparison to the spectacle, with the on Monday morning, the first German tourists of the plane from Düsseldorf have been received: in The early evening from Frankfurt, arriving passengers can demote the sidewalk between the Bus and the Hotel is relatively unmolested lay back.

“Almost as exciting as the fall of the wall”

It is a long queue anyway. Guests will only be let individually to the reception, where each again with a thermal imaging camera, the temperature will be measured. The snake also Olaf Gruss is waiting. The football and Mallorca Fan usually comes during the big football tournaments, to Arenal, to keep track of the games from here. But normal these days is nothing: “Of the ball the man has nothing at all,” says the experienced Playa-de-Palma-visitors.

fly mask, cashless payments, a variety to fill in forms and an unusual obstacle course at the airport of Palma would have made the journey exhausting, he says. To be part of the Tui and the island’s government organized a test run, don’t regret it anyway: “That I belong to, is also nice. This is almost as exciting as the fall of the wall in Berlin.”

Cheerful also Luis Menor. The owner of the restaurant “Mama Muú” is from afar that he is happy about the re-opening of the opposite Hotels. “I was there this Morning, to clap, too,” he says. You keep yourself to the strict hygiene measures – the menu is there via a QR Code on the mobile phone, the Cutlery must be in plastic bags are Packed, the number of tables is significantly reduced, to the minimum distance to be complied with.

“concern is widespread”

in Front of the beach promenade, Anuschka, and Paul Lauterbach, put on just for the Selfie. The couple from Neuss has already enjoyed at the hotel pool with a beer in the sun. In the dining room, mouth protection and gloves mandatory, at the buffet you are not allowed to serve themselves, the dishes would be filled by a hotel employee on the plate. “You feel a little bit as Guinea pigs,” said Ms. Lauterbach.

The Start of the test project with the Germans a week before the official re-opening of the Spanish borders is not on Mallorca, but only joy. Many would fear that it’ll be on the island because of the visitors to a resurgence of the Coronavirus crisis, said Biel Barceló, head of the citizens ‘ initiative “Ciutat de s’arenal”.

not much going on: The first foreign tourists looking for a place on the beach. Keystone

“I speak with many about it. Some need income and offers, that tourism comes after three months slowly, of course. But the concern is widespread,” he tells the German press Agency. “The neuansteckung rates in Germany are currently higher than ours.”

The nightlife the temple of the “ball’s” not allowed to open yet again, because the regional government has decided that the Discos and Clubs remain closed. For according to Bach, this is not a Problem. “The king of beer, I don’t need it.”

15 faithful followers for the concert

Just a few meters away is one who needs the beer king very well sitting in an open pub. Therefore, Party has-singer, Peter Wackel, it is also not take, the first of Mallorca to welcome guests personally With a bouquet of Flowers, he stood in front of the closed beer king who is not a hundred meters from the Riu Concordia, and on whose stage he’s usually with mood music. On Monday, it is now much less: Around 15 faithful followers had gathered thanks to the announcement on Facebook to loose.

as Long as its effect place to stay closed, return he’s now back to his roots: 20 years Ago, he was also along the beach did was to hoof it and got in front of the Sunbathing sung. His first big Hit, he’ll sing well, has won seven years after the appearance of “very relevance”: “Fuck it, Malle is only once in a year…”


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