you can, of Course, were all the city fans will be satisfied with a draw on the pitch at Real Madrid. Up to a half an hour after the end of the party, came up to captain Website Creator, Simon Mignolet, and also in coach Philippe Clement and chairman Bart Verhaeghe for the fans to see him.” It’s the beginning of a very, very, very long in the West-Flemish party.

YOU CAN READ AS WELL. SPELERSBEOORDELINGEN. A lot of players at the Club, in Bruges, one of gebuisde at Real Madrid.

you can READ as WELL. ANALYSIS. The magic of Club Brugge in the city of Madrid, but still a bit disappointed).

you can READ as WELL. Players and Club Brugge are now in a tie, but… “It’s a shame that the two points are”
find out More about the Club, in Bruges, The lives of Percy Tau: “My fans don’t know is that I am a student, my professors don’t know that I have soccer Mannaert, and Verhaeghe asked about Veljkovic: transfer to Letica, and scoutingovereenkomst on the radar of Club Brugge-trainer Philippe Clement. wave of complaints about the “distant-movement” of the AA Gent away: “The soup” first division soccer team KRC Genk drew, by far, the youngest team in the Champions League final, Club Brugge are just outside the top ten