Did you forget it? Yet here she is back! Audrey Azoulay, patron saint of Unesco since the election of Emmanuel Macron in 2017, is once again causing a lot of ink to flow. And for good reason ! She could be the future Prime Minister of the reappointed president and enter Matignon in the coming days. If the hypothesis – which “is gaining momentum”, writes La Dépêche – is confirmed, she would be the first woman to sit there since the resignation of Edith Cresson, on April 2, 1992. A long-time member of the Socialist Party, she is well known to the secretary general of the Elysée, Alexis Kohler, with whom she studied at the ENA.

More recently, she was appointed Minister of Culture by François Hollande, whose partner, Julie Gayet, she is relatively close to. This appointment had also aroused some outcry, recalls Gala. That being said, it was hardly that which caused the most reaction at the time. In 2016, a few months after her arrival in government, the publication of the Minister’s declaration of assets reported a major error…

At the time, as Planet has already written, the Minister of Culture declared far too much money. She was indeed mistaken by some … 670,000 euros! The entire sum was also attributed to the account of her husband, senior official François-Xavier Labarraque. According to the first statement, the then president of Garum Conseil was the lucky holder of an account funded with 702,240 euros. Then came the amending statement and the numbers changed somewhat.

The second time, Audrey Azoulay declared 33,282 euros. Enough to considerably reduce her heritage, bringing her from second to sixth place in the ranking of the richest ministers of the Valls II and Cazeneuve governments. But just how big is his fortune?

Before the amending declaration of heritage, Audrey Azoulay was considered the second richest minister of the third government composed during the term of François Hollande. Her heritage at the time was estimated at 2.5 million euros and consisted in particular of a Parisian apartment of 122 square meters, which she said she owned in equal shares with François-Xavier Labarraque.

Audrey Azoulay also declared some 20,000 euros of jewelry in her own name and 361,549 euros placed on various life insurance contracts. Moreover, once the corrective statement came about, his assets fell to “nearly 2 million euros”, recalls BFMTV, but the composition remained substantially similar.

Audrey Azoulay obviously appears to be one of the personalities of choice to sit at Matignon following the re-election of Emmanuel Macron. The Head of State has been very clear about this: he does not intend to replace Jean Castex with a man and the former minister of François Hollande seems to tick many other boxes, continues La Dépêche on the basis of the revelations du Canard Enchaîné and RMC.

That being said, another name also emerges from the mysteries of the press. It is that of Marisol Tourraine, also a former minister of François Hollande who has since joined the ranks of Emmanuel Macron. She was in charge, before the first election of the Head of State, of health and solidarity.