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The Prosecutor’s office Provincial of A Coruña has opened diligence to ascertain whether the case Fuenlabrada , with the journey of the football club from madrid to La Coruña, in spite of knowing beforehand the existence of positive for coronavirus in the cub, you have ” scope criminal “.

as confirmed to Europa Press sources of the Prosecutor’s office, running errands are opened in the wake of the brief filed Thursday by the city Council of La Coruña , in which it is requested to explain issues such as “why is not reported to the health authorities” of the positive in the template and, “why are you traveling” when it was already known that one of the players was affected.

The investigation opened by the Prosecutor’s office, has targeted the Public Ministry, aims to “clarify the facts” and “determine whether they have scope criminal” . The procedure, they add, has a reserved nature.

“from the time that open proceedings, the matter is no longer in our hands . I’m going to be extremely prudent”, has valued the news the mayors of La Coruña, Agnes King, this Friday morning, questions from the media.

On the break of the positives in the issuing of Fuenlabrada, which has already 12 cases, plus the four that remained in Madrid, King has commented that “this is the only thing that does is confirm that there was indeed an outbreak in the team,” to grant that ” they are the worst they are going “, by which he has transmitted his desire to “recover as soon as possible and bring the quarantine as best as possible”.

The first mayor of la coruña has also grateful that “the Government may add to the position that keeps the Town” and that the acting president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, ” support with his statements the action that we have taken from here “, with a “similar position”.

Feijóo, this Thursday, not ruled out joining the trail court if they “recommend” the legal services of the regional Government, put in place to protect the record informative opened to clarify the facts surrounding the trip of Fuenlabrada.