Speed ​​cameras: what do the new road signs look like?


In 2003, the first automatic speed cameras appeared along French roads. Since 2015, the signaling of these speed cameras has been compulsory in order to meet the requirements set by the Interministerial Council for Road Safety. However, this obligation does not have any legal significance. Indeed, it is more like a declaration of goodwill on the part of State services.

It is therefore quite possible to pass in front of a speed camera before passing by a sign indicating it. In the event that a verbalization would follow, the absence of a sign on your road would therefore not constitute a reason for dispute, according to Radars-auto.com.

The classic automatic speed camera signs, flanked by the slogan “For your safety, frequent speed camera checks” will soon have completely disappeared from the roadsides of France. They will be replaced by different types of panels with the equivalent function. The famous pictogram featuring waves, a car and a two-wheeler will remain unchanged.

The first type of panels will be limited to this drawing. Some will be fixed, others not, signaling autonomous automatic speed cameras, especially in construction areas. A second type of panel appears, always flanked by the same pictogram, but indicating above the speed limit not to be exceeded to avoid verbalization.

Smaller versions, 50 centimeters on a side, will signal radars in urban areas. Finally, safe routes are marked with signs indicating the remaining distance of the route along the corresponding stretch of road.