the Roeselare took home the first trophy of the new volleybalcampagne to your home. The men’s coach Vanmedegael called eternal rival, the town of Maaseik, in the super cup with 3-0, even though it’s in the openingssets it is a lot more exciting than the numbers would suggest.

you can win a national championship and Out of and inside Roeselare, went there for a couple of hundred of fans immediately, firmly, against them, in the City of Long Munte. Because of oefematch? Nothing oefenmatch! The fighting cocks gave each other not budge an inch to, granted the other is not sore. It went on to 24-24, and after playing point guard Sander Depovere, for Roeselare finish, made from behind the service line.

The blééf work, and also in the second set. Out forced, however, to a slightly speloverwicht, but it could not be expressed in figures. It was they, something, then, captain, Tuerlinckx with a higher gear engaged, and Roeselare at the edge and crying. For the first time, the party was allowed to have a difference of three points to be noted (22-19). Further, bleeding did not finish well. – Thanks to Matthijs Verhanneman: 25-23.

On the third turn, the shots, the team from West-flanders snedig off to a good start (9am-5pm), but they had an Official Moon, and buddies, not immediately definite the past. Who were at some distance, chase in order to pass, at the end of the set to form (25-18).

Photo: VDB

Four in a row for the Cathedral:

When the women won the Asterix Avo Beveren will be the twelfth super cup after a 3-0 victory against Oostende (25-23, 25-11, 25-18). The fourth in a row, but for the first time with Kris Vansnick as a head coach. Who have contributed to the success of right to his predecessor, George Of the Pants, now the technical director at the multiple champion. “We’re really happy with the price after Vansnick, after the relatively swift victory against the beach. “Especially in light of the way that we’re in a tough first set to stay and fight, and then continued on our venture.” Only in the openingsbeurt was Adventure indeed, fight back after a 14-19 deficit. Once the job is done, made, Hermes, it set about to get back into the match. But even then, it was going to struggle when there is no real can be threatened.

“With the loss of up I’m still alive,” muttered Ostend, the captain, Nina Coolman. “But not in the way. We took just don’t do it.”