the Rifle Cycling, and the ex-team, Nick Nuyens, asking 1.100.000 euros in damages for breach of contract, by Wout van Aert. The runner gave up by the end of 2018 in order to “cause” of his dismissal from the team, but the team of Nuyens was not going to accept them. The labour court in Mechelen, belgium should now be the judge of who has the right to his side. The verdict will follow on the 26th of november.

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now, Wout van Aert broke in 2018, a contract with the then Veranda’s Willems-Crelan, the team of Sniper and Recycling manager, Nick Nuyens, to be on the Jumbo-Visma is to go for a drive.

Nuyens had to 2019 in the market for a new main sponsor after the drop out from the Veranda’s Willems and finally found, after a laborious search,) is a solution of the fusion with the We. Van Aert who had a contract until the end of 2019 at the latest, but what can I say, that the merger will not be sitting, and on the 17th of september – just in time for the start of the veldritseizoen – he broke his contract because it “inappropriate things” were done, according to his lawyer Walter Van Steenbrugge.

(“Niels Albert was asked to make a false statement”

“Niels Albert was asked to make a false statement Of Aert”, went into an elaborate explanation Of Steenbrugge in the case for the first time on the ‘inappropriate things’ that had happened. “Albert was saying that there are not more Van Aert and fell to work, and in return you had to be Albert, his three-month notice of termination is not addressed.”

Yet, according to the Steenbrugge, refused to Albert on that offer but at the same time, as a great breach of confidence to arise.

“All on stage”

In the Experiments on Cycling is to deny them of that incident, however, is with the clamp. “Actually, that’s just a whole lot of blame and frustration, which he did. There’s a whole structure set up to ensure that he does not have compensation, it would have to pay for it,” said the master, Rudi New, that Sniper was Cycling past. “All of this was staged for one night to be able to force the issue. He just wanted to get it in 2019 for the Jumbo Visma.”

Van Aert had initially signed a contract for the Jumbo-Visma-starting in 2020 for the Dutch team to ride. The UCI let him be in the final even before 2019 at the latest drawing for the Jumbo Visma, in anticipation of a ruling by the labour court.

now, Nuyens feels that there are no compelling reasons were, and are now demanding that van Aert, his compensation for 1.1 million euros, to pay, and also the lost revenue from contracts. Van Steenbrugge, asked the court to order that the requirement of a Sniper, and Cycling to a point.

The employment Tribunal will now be on the 26th of november, a rule, or that “there is urgency, the breach of contract” was legal or not. In addition, a heavy penalty can be a sporting sanction by the UCI, subject to the decision, which follows on november 26.

“Mr van Aert was only his sporting ambitions”

“It’s a pity the evolution of that sport, it is now becoming increasingly more common to come into contact with the court. The only reason for that is money,” says Van Steenbrugge. “Anything with the forethought to have happened, but it is a spittle. Mr van Aert was only good rates of driving and its sporting ambitions, but due to the lack of a budget for the team was to make it a good frame, with good team mates, good stuff, high-quality internships – but he felt that he was not fully able to prices. It is clear that he did not do it for the money. The opposing charges of 1.1 million euro and will have a few million in lost income because he was no more, as their cash-cow up.”

Photo: Olivier Matthys

“is Completely skewed drawn in the amount”

“A crooked pulled in sum, responded By Aert at 1.100.000 euros in damages. “I would be very, very strange finding, when I judged it would be, but we have to make the decision to wait and see.”

“It was at that time not to spend the money to do so, my career has always been in the first place. When I am not in opposition to, their contract proposal, I came across a situation where I can’t go, also wanted to come. I was in a completely different group of workers was placed, I never would have chosen. I saw it not, but there’s never listened to me. The way things turned out, however, that led to a massive breach of trust. Therefore, there is no other option, talk about it, and eventually an out of court settlement as it was is no longer an option.”

Currently the revalidation Of the Aert is still a heavy crash in the Tour de France. “It’s a pity that such things are not quickly to be settled. But that’s just the way things are run, and it was the only decision I could take. I am not a specialist in the legal system, but I am hoping that on the 26th of november, and the case can finally be closed. We will have to wait and see.”

Photo: Olivier Matthys

Nick Nuyens was also active in the labour court of Mechelen, belgium, but the wild won’t respond to it.

“A contract to sign, you won’t”, he had, however, already been achieved. “You have both rights and obligations. He has, at the time, by reason of a contract, and for three years was signed. But all of the sudden it went all the way, all of them are faster than us, and the Van itself had to be expected. And that contract got in the way. The only way to get all of it in 2019 for the Jumbo, to drive, to contract, to beat. So, he had to or will have to pay damages or have an urgent reason for creating it. And that’s what happened.”

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