James Watson was in a car accident. He is currently lying on a nursing station. His environment, it means to take the ninety-year-old only to a very limited extent true. If there really is a higher Power, to which the largest fraction of the pilot of modern genetics can be believed, then the time to activate it would be now. Wake up, Jim, were the first words she had addressed to him, because for the Wake up, it is never too late. Unfortunately, Watson is no longer listening. This is not only to his well-known difficult character. For him, vanity, narrow-mindedness and old-age stubbornness mix for some time to a non-drinkable Cocktail that let him to the intellectual spirit of the driver.

This is Watson, but this is undoubtedly a historical figure. His flash of genius, which led him in 1953 as a young Talent, along with Francis Crick on the double helix structure of the Erbfadens DNA, is one of those rare moments in the Sciences, the brighten like fireworks with a dash of everything, and a new era usher. Watson later founded the legendary Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York, for a long time one of the most important and successful research is a place of pilgrimage of the molecular biology sites, actually. It is not an exaggeration, therefore, to refer to Watson as a high priest of the genetic research. Until 2007, however, only. Because at the time, he was placed unceremoniously in front of the door, after he bad racist and sexist remarks, is scientifically completely unfounded claims, and bar any critical self-reflection has had the science and the Public.

James Watson loses his title of honor

to suggest his soon-submitted excuse was, has made it clear Watson is now in front of his car accident: In a portrait for the American television channel PBS, and in the context of a repeat for the series “American Masters,” he recanted his apology. He had nothing to take back from his statements. Completely unrefined, he blusters about in his grumpy way and with lousy arguments at the time about the allegedly lower intelligence of people with visible African descent – what you could hear everyone that have to do with black employees. Watson moved the documentation out all the stops to prejudices and stereotypes, the him twelve years ago as a business-damaging, because science enemy had to are designed. The Cold Spring Harbor Lab has him now, after the dismissal of the remaining honor, consequently permit revoked: the Chancellor-Emeritus, honorary Trustee and Professor Emeritus at the Oliver R. Grace Professor.