After the fatal shot to a woman at the new year’s eve fireworks in Schönberg in Schleswig-Holstein, the investigators keep murder conceivable. “It may have been the case to a negligent homicide traded, for example, due to an accident, but a murder,” said the Kiel Prosecutor Axel Biel on Wednesday the German press Agency. “But we have found no evidence that speaks clearly for murder.” The investigators were more of a killing offence, the legal classification success later on.

Earlier, it was nice and appealed to Berg’s mayor Peter Kokocinski (SPD) to Protect, to report to the police. “It would be for the affected family, but also to learn for all the people in the village is important, what is really happening,” said Kokocinski the “Kieler Nachrichten”. It starts with an accident and suspect, “that someone’s tampered with in high spirits with a shot gun.”

The Prosecutor has offered a reward of 3000 euros for information leading to the capture of the perpetrator. Who made the new year’s eve, night, Video or photo recordings in Schönberg, you can upload using the keyword “new year’s eve Schönberg”.