Mr Schreder, Vice President of the Bavarian hunting Association, they are committed to the “care and protection” of Wildlife. How are the chamois, ibex, ROE deer and deer, with the current Snow?

Karin Truscheit

editor in the Department “Germany and the world”.

F. A. Z.

The animals are well-adapted, you know the snow. You have to eat in the summer, reserves, also the coat is adapted to the weather. We have now, however, extreme situations, with often up to three meters high snow. The animals, on the snow, literally. We have seen pictures where only the head of a deer sticking out from the snow. And for the calves of the deer is particularly tricky. They are not so big and strong, and don’t have runs that long. They sink in the snow and are dependent on the mother animal to anticipate runs and tries to hit you with a sort of swath through the snow. So it is very hard to get food. Overall, the limited Wild in his freedom of movement. And then also the best adaptation to the environment limits.

there Are animals that can cope with this weather still reasonably?

The chamois is tough, you will be able to handle high layers of Snow and scarce food. However, it is just gone until the rut to the end, the animals are weakened. Therefore, you need in this extreme situation, our support. The snow hare and the snow grouse are well prepared, as the Name says, perfectly. The snow hare is camouflaged by its white fur, he has extremely wide feet, with which he can run well on the snow fields. And he always finds somewhere a Bud, or a tree branch. Wild pigs are generally tough, but they are anyway in the now affected high altitudes at home. Difficult it has the Ungulates, such as deer.

How can we help these animals?

to set up Normally, in winters with lots of snow in the mountain regions, the so-called open feeding. The Bavarian state forestry and private hunters have stored in the summer hay. These hay Bales are stored in the Winter in certain places, the animals know this. Now, neither hunter nor animals, however, can reach these feeding places.

Can supply the animals with food?

to make There are hunters who ride with the Skidoo and the feeding. But even this is not possible everywhere and at the Moment is very difficult. And then there are also quite a hunter, the buckles on the Bales of hay on the back and with cross-country skis to ascend.