insurance, rent, Netflix – at the beginning of the month a lot of money leaves the account. Well, if you can reduce these Items. So far, it was not difficult, the discounts you got easy: Whether charges for pay-TV, mobile phone contract or electricity tariff – handed most of the time a phone call, in an emergency, a notice in writing in time for the end of the contract, and the company offered discounts – part of the excessive height. The television channel Sky, for example, many clients report can fall as low prices. Once, there was a 50-Euro package for 26 Euro As almost 300 euros more on the account.

Patrick Bernau

editor responsible for the economy and the “money & More” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

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So it was in the past. However, the companies no longer make anything. To get the discounts has become more difficult. But who knows, still can save a lot of money. And then not only in the case of permanent contracts, but also in the Store and when Ordering on the Internet.

new discount actions

To such questions is the focus of a new series, F. A. S. and FAZ.NET: “The big Shop”. The shop has changed. The Germans buy less at the small grocer around the corner, but more by shipping either at Amazon or at the hand of mother in Eberswalde. On the other hand, the companies also modernise your offers, they think of new discount actions and analyze the habits of the consumer until the last Kiwi in the shopping basket. Some offer almost any customer an individual price. Others require everyone to be the Same, but change the amount almost hourly. On the Internet you keep track of interested parties on dozens of Websites – without noticing that the customers of the advertised Island, have long since returned. Many of the certainties that have learned to consumer earlier, do not apply today. This series takes you through the new world of shopping and money to spend.

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The organization otherwise often remains. In General, the competition, the lower prices often so low that the companies can only be secured with the highest level of efficiency is still a small slice of profit. The more important it is for the companies that you know your customers well: Whoever finds my services so great that he paid higher prices for them? Who has to search a lot of money and little time – so not in the mood constantly for the last bargain? And for whom is it just Vice versa? Most of the money the company take, if you prepare the all-time exchange bargain hunters, the cheapest prices to give to their rich, stressed-out Fans renovation. The have to pay the advertised price, but is actually too high. “Price discrimination” is the name of this procedure, every Marketing professional has to know the principle already in an early Semester of his studies.

The web uses the principle that if you sold weekend commuters and business travelers and the expensive flexible fares, for people with time, but special rates in low-utilized trains. Fashion labels like Nike or Asos act similarly, if they give a discount for students. Even companies like Spotify and Amazon are familiar with student discounts for your subscriptions. Sometimes the run to the end of the study even further. That young people do not accumulate even after a course of study immediately great riches, is clear.

the discount negotiation

But how does a company recognize otherwise whether or not there has been a change-ready penny-pinchers, or an enthusiastic Fan with a thick account? Here, the gap is able to use, the shrewd consumer. Anyone who claims to be a successful bargain hunter who gets the better prices. Previously, the law was simple. Many companies had no sophisticated analysis, and said simply: Who announces that we will speak again, and offer a better price. In this way the loyal customers with old contracts, which paid high prices were, it automatically. Who knew on the market and a change was, was held with new discounts in a good mood.