Apple is planning to introduce the iPhone on the market, which is 399 dollars it will cost much less than other smart phones of this brand. It’s going to be a slightly updated version of the iPhone 8, it reports the usually well-informed website of the MacRumors . Apple is confirming the news.

This is a Ming-Chi Kuo of MacRumors that is in the news launch. He was awarded a research study to address that with the iPhone, SE2 will be announced. The device would be available in the first quarter of 2020 come on to the market in versions with 64 and 128 gigabytes of memory. The smartphone will be available in grey, silver, white, and red.

According to Kuo is going to be a slightly improved version of the iPhone 8, which, according to him, it is especially popular for owners of the iPhone 6. That will soon be no more updates to get their devices, and therefore, the purchase of a new to consider. The cheapest version of the iPhone, SE2 would be 399 usd 361 of the euro is going to cost you. In comparison, Apple sells the iPhone is an 8 today and $ 50 more expensive.

an improved version of an older iPhone, is reminiscent of the iPhone, the SE of 2016. It was a slightly modified version of the iPhone 5S, and also it was cheaper in the store than the other models.