Like Osram reported, when it solutions comes to flood lighting, or – as in this day the divine Illumination of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome with the latest light diode technology, the Munich-based lighting technology group. Trivialities such as the wayward start in the new financial year with a veritable drop in profits must not be at the big bell in the Vatican hanged; there is a brief Ad-hoc duty of notification, Wednesday night is enough to 23.46 at. The reduction of 300 jobs and 240 temporary workers in the Opto-semiconductor plant in Regensburg, Germany, earned from a business perspective only, no mention of it.

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economy correspondent, based in Munich, Germany.

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the latter message has ripped on Thursday, but smooth the course of the M-Dax-value from the low of the day. With the announcement of the preliminary quarterly figures, the stock market reacted first with a rate of minus 3 percent to close with a Plus of almost 3 percent. The Assembly leaked news of a firm finally, the determination to save with a “series of measures” as a response to a badly bled in the first quarter, particularly with significant restructuring in the once-hopeful business Opto Semiconductor.

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Where: The recovery of up to 3 percent on Thursday, is relative. The Osram share price nearly halved its value of 74 Euro at the beginning of 2018 at today 39 Euro. They belonged to the great stock market losers of the past year.

chief Executive Olaf Berlien was present in the Vatican, as in Munich, as inconspicuously as possible conceded it had to be that it is not ordered with the strategy of the company. In all three areas of the group, specialty lighting (automotive lighting), optical semiconductor, as well as the new Digital division (intelligent lighting systems for buildings), there are significant declines. As F. A. reported (for example, from 25. January), revenues from continuing operations for the group in the first quarter of 2018/2019 (30. September) by 15 percent to 828 million euros. The return on sales based on earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (Ebitda) fell from 18.5 to 11.3 percent. In absolute Figures this means a decrease of 46% in operating profit to 94 million euros. Under the circumstances, the company sees full-year guidance “subject to a revival of the orders”. The targeted Band of an Ebitda-margin of 12 to 14 percent is in any case already in the first three months of sub-steps; from the hoped-for moderate sales, apart growth.

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as a surprise to investors and analysts on the current situation. Therefore, the rate of quakes was not on the stock exchange. The share price fell on the 10. January, with a loss of up to 9 percent. It was the harsh reaction to an Interview from Berlien, he wanted to join the markets to adversity. At the time, the expressed perception of an unexpectedly weak start to the year, should have parts, Osram, actually, how the stock market reaction, with investors by compulsory notification. According to the financial Supervisory authority, Bafin will assess the process.

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More than at the beginning of November 2018, the investors seems to be in a community alert. At the time, Osram had already moved to be in the medium-term target revenue goal of 5 billion euros (2017/2018: 4.1 billion euros) by three years to 2023. The presented new strategy with a broader, of the auto industry, customers are less dependent on the business model and a new organizational structure was; to vague, to very fraught with buzz words. At the time, poor order situation from the automotive industry (revenue share of 50 per cent) had to serve a bunch of reasons to justify the difficult situation:, hesitant demand in the electronics industry (Smartphones), as well as in General lighting, weak growth in China, the trade dispute, and General political uncertainty.

the once-proclaimed strategies have been Forgotten were, with an investment of up to EUR 1 billion, in the optical semiconductor, including a new mass chip production in Malaysia. In November 2015 Berlien shocked the stock market with this little bit of convincing, may well be failure of realignment. In November presented the strategy of adaptation was out of the race as a Signal to the stock market.