Love at first sight behind the stoves. This Wednesday, November 23 is broadcast Le Meilleur Pâtissier with Marie Portolano on M6. On the occasion of the quarter-finals of the competition, the five candidates still in the running set themselves to Spanish time for a gourmet trip to the Iberian Peninsula.

Between creative tests and technical prowess, not forgetting the challenge of Cyril Lignac, pastry lovers will do their best to win the favor of the famous chef and his accomplice Mercotte. However, there are two candidates who hid their game on the set of the M6 ​​show. This eleventh edition saw the birth of the idyll between the Belgian Adelina and the Frenchman Benjamin.

A relationship kept secret on which the 28-year-old pastry chef confided in the pages of Ciné Télé Revue. stopped there”, assured the 28-year-old candidate. A friendly, then loving love at first sight was forged between the two adversaries.

It was later, during the fifth week of competition, that Benjamin and Adelina fell in love. “That week, I had the blue apron … and it was not going at all. I had finished the last test in tears and Benjamin had immediately come to comfort me”, she evoked , according to comments relayed by Télé Star. “The rapprochement was made at that time, but our relationship really started at the end of the Halloween episode, during a bowling outing with the other pastry chefs. Some already suspected something. They asked a lot of questions…”

No longer able to deny this chemistry between them, these two pastry lovers confided their secret to the film crew. “The production, Marie Portolano, Cyril Lignac, Mercotte were also aware and thought it was cute”, she confessed in an interview. Two weeks after filming for Season 11 wrapped, Benjamin and Adelina remarked that they “couldn’t be without each other anymore.” It is not their fans who will say the opposite, since many of them have witnessed their beautiful story on social networks.

Between filming secrets, couple photos and culinary delicacies, the Franco-Belgian couple makes fans of the Best Pastry Chef dream. Will they continue the adventure together until the final? One of them will take the eleventh season trophy? Before knowing the answer next December, Planet reveals an anthology of their most beautiful shots on Instagram.