in The event of bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, has been with the competition less than lead to higher prices. It turns out that that can read an analysis of The Standard.

and When Thomas began to sink in, it was sure to be warned: the Belgians would have to pay for a trip to the sun. Because of the collapse of Thomas Cook’s got a Guy, competitor, and market leader in the netherlands, in the field, alone. Or is it to be a big part of it.

The Standard is considered to be in the week of Thomas Cook-at – the-evolution-of-the prices in the Garden for a number of popular tourist destinations. It is shown that the rates of travel to the Turkish Riviera, on average, a 4.4 percent increase, which, in Sharm El-Sheikh by 7.9 per cent and Gran Canaria, with 8.9 percent. Although it is an increase, but a light one.

as In the Guy will say, however, that the prices realised are increased by the loss of Thomas. “It doesn’t make any sense,” says spokesman Pete Demeyere. “It would be a very negative signal to the market when we are so young would react to that. This is not meant to be.”

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte / Peter Hilz out More about Thomas Cook, No investigation into the empty groepspot Thomas, the Curators want to know who is in cash at Thomas Cook Belgium, leeghaalde Miss candidates still have to travel, but to drop out, Thomas Cook will cost the organisation a lot of money, the Curators Thomas Cook to the end of the next week in order to plan for the future is to work with