lovers and collectors of books of all kinds will come this year, at the end of January, at your expense, in the case of the antiquarian book fair in Stuttgart and the Antiquaria in Ludwigsburg. The joint kick-off event, which took place in the house of literature in Stuttgart, was devoted to the topic of “women in travel”. Expert is supported by the Antiquarin Inge, there texts from women read. Also at their booth in Stuttgart, you will have to match the offer. The report of the Countess Pauline Nostitz about the common travel with her husband – under the title of “Johann Wilhelm Helfer’s Reisen in Central Asia and India” from the year 1873 was later Oriental woman’s life, in its secrets of the female gaze could do, which would have been denied to any man, praised “the clear and vivid descriptions” (2 volumes; 350 euros). Without the accompaniment of Ida Pfeiffer went on trips. She was able to witness the eruption of the volcano of Cotopaxi, in 1856, brought her the envy of Alexander von Humboldt. You can read the event in the first issue of its four-volume report, “on My second trip around the world” (950 Euro).

the trade fair in Stuttgart, in the case of the 71 international exhibitors come together, usually a price level above the triple-digit range, will be showing works such as Ludwig Sterners hand-written compilation from the “rhymed chronicle of the Swabian war” and the “chronicle of the Burgundian wars” of 1501. The German and Swiss history, important forms, with 980.000 Euro at Antiquariat Bibermühle Heribert price Tenschert however, the peak of the fair. For one of Paul Klee, hand-coloured invitation card to the famous Bauhaus lantern festival in Weimar 38,000 euros are due. With waves and colorful characters designed card forms a contrast to the otherwise rather straight lines of the Bauhaus; it leads to the offer of Günter Linke from Berlin in the centenary year of art school this year.

The topic “Brazil,” brings the Antiquariat Norbert Haas from Bedburg-Hau to three very decorative maps of the Dutch colonial period. The colored engravings are from the chronicle of Caspar Barlaeus, 1647, when John Maurice of Nassau, Governor of Dutch-Brazil. They contain illustrations with the Locals, from the local Sugar production and a naval battle between Spaniards and Dutch. The 42-inch-wide cards cost 1200, 2800 and 3200 euros. To whom the Card is dry, you can explore the earth with the “globe game” in 1860, in a playful way. The rare Puzzle globe made of wood is not only on the outside, with coloured lithographs, but also has charming illustrations on the inner side: 36 pieces of wood in cake form six horizontal layers, and two polar ice caps, to have at Antiquariat F. Neidhardt from Böblingen (9800 Euro).

In neighboring Ludwigsburg dedicated to the Antiquaria, the 55 exhibitors at this time the “Obscuren”. Thus, it is about spirituality, mysticism, Secret in art, literature, and music, to conspiracy theories and political manipulations. A whole compendium of things of this kind offers François-Joachim du Duport Tertre with the “history of the old & new conspiracies, Meutereyen and strange revolutions”. The ten-volume work from the 18th century.Century costs 600 Euro at Antiquariat Langguth from Cologne. There is also a weirdness of 1971: “Lucy’s lust book,” waiting for Comic-drawings by contemporary celebrity combines enter in lascivious poses and had to be destroyed. Only a few dozen specimens have been preserved, one of which is in Langguth (400 Euro). Walt disney’s three little pigs have behaved better. A beautiful first edition of the Comic book Version to the movie from the year 1933, the cost to the antiquarian Lorych from Berlin 290 Euro.

Considerably more money, you have to bring to the community status of Inlibris, Vienna, and Kotte, rosshaupten, you should choose one of the two offered musical manuscripts: a Fragment of Haydn’s Aria “Dice benissimo” and the cantata “Le Gladiateur” by Claude Debussy 75,000 euros each. And Marco Vericcis hand-drawn fifty-sided military utopia “Inmaginationi Millitari” of 1595 is the highest price in Ludwigsburg is estimated at 250,000 Euro.