The american Stars Stripes asks for a rule change to compete in Auckland


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The Star+Stripes’ second american team that aspired to compete in the 36th Copa America and that has gone through serious economic difficulties that made think that it could not do so, has asked for permission to the Arbitration Panel -maximum body of decision of the event – to be able to do with the first AC75 Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ).

Mike Buckley, co-founder and General Director of the ‘Stars+Stripes’ has confirmed the intentions of the union american of use the first ship of the New Zealand team to compete in the Cup Prada, tournament challenging and will rival the Emirates Team New Zealand.

The u.s. team has run out of time and money to build your own AC75, after you purchase a design package for the ETNZL, is looking for the referral with the permission of the Arbitration Panel independent to be able to use a boat built in another country and take care of the ‘I Ieha’ (the Dolphin) of the ETNZ, the first boat of the ‘kiwis’ and that it will not be with the will compete in the final.

however, ‘Stars & Stripes’ has to convince the Panel, to obtain the permission of the other challenging, Luna Rossa, American Magic and Ineos Team UK to achieve the exemption of the rule that prohibits teams to compete with a boat built in another country.

it Seems that it will be difficult that the Arbitration Panel now change a rule, but even more so will be the three challenging today, according to the information, accept it because they consider that it would be unfair to these heights.

The second union american insists that its challenge is still alive and last week released a video that showed their interest in participating, although the financial problems of the team that represents the Long Beach Yacht Club california, persist and believe that this solution would be feasible.

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