the 24-year-old man from gent (Ghent) has each been reported to the police after an accident between two cyclists in Ghent, where a woman was with her. That the report of the public prosecutor ” s office of East-Flanders, belgium. The man recognized himself in the description of a opsporingsbericht, but it would not have come to know, he’s a cyclist had been hit.

as of Saturday, it was a opsporingsbericht distributed on the basis of a ooggetuigenbeschrijving. When he had been a white or light-colored, electric bicycle, with a man on it with a pair of headphones to have.

The suspect, who is reported to have had, the particular route will be taken, and would be in the description of the detected feature. However, he probably wouldn’t have noticed that he’s a cyclist had been hit. The woman, a forty-something, came out this fall and was taken to the hospital. She has been out of danger, but has not yet been answered.

The young man was, however, questioned the facts in the first instance, therefore, is not to tell you. According to the ooggetuigenverklaring, it would definitely be a physical collision happened. The bicycle of the accused shall be examined for evidence of a collision.