First, it was thought, the worse it can be, however, according to new Details of the former “mirror”reporter Claas Relotius be known, the one almost speechless. As the “mirror” reported, now, has misappropriated the fakes … the blown gene, a former Journalist, also donated funds.

Thus, he had sent, in the course of some trumped-up story of Syrian orphans in Turkey, to his readers from his private Email account a call for donations to support the two boys financially. The money should be transferred to his private account. How many donors responded to this call and how much money are met, is not yet clear. The “mirror” claims that Relotius’ fundraiser knew nothing. Otherwise, you have no evidence that readers have turned to the news magazine. The “mirror” will provide “all the information collected, the Prosecutor’s office in the framework of a criminal offence,” it said on Saturday evening.

In the case of the Reportage, in the Wake of Relotius the alleged donations gathered, it turns the “king’s children” from the year 2016. She is from a Syrian brother and sister pair who live as orphans in Turkey on the road. The Turkish Magnum photographer Emin Özmen, the Relotius during the Reportage was accompanied by, parts of the story as a heavily dramatized and untrue described.