We all aspire to happiness, to a fulfilled private life and to recognition in the profession, and we all fail. This is mostly to cope with, but with some, it will always go back to tragic trains. We take Christian Wulff: not so long ago, he seemed to have achieved everything, what can dream of a man – great Job, nice house, young and beautiful woman. Only a little later he was going on, thanks to our own Tapsigkeit, but also a pretty merciless Public, almost all back – office, honor, and also his wife. And we must confess that we found as a Christian and Bettina together again in October 2015 for the second Time, and this time, the Church, the knot gifts, well stirred, were of how two wounded souls gave each other support.

Jörg Thomann

editor in the Department “life,” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

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But this is history, a few weeks ago, they separated again – and quickly became known that Bettina Wulff has a new friend. And, that is the risk of a bourgeois household, the music teacher of her sons; she even sings in one of which he conducted the choir. For the Boulevard it was like early Christmas, and when the man showed up at a recent Mrs Wulff moderated the event, got the travel press, and even a few Statements of him (“I’ve been thinking about it for a second, if I join Bettina or not,” Gala). A tragic Note gets the thing the fact that Christian Wulff was elected in the beginning of this year for the President – to the President of the German choir Association. He praises, as such, is now without any noticeable bitterness, the importance of music instruction and choirs for the social cohesion that is worthy of respect. We wish him all the best anyway, that he makes it through all the Christmas concerts – and somewhere deep inside of us, we cherish the hope that one day, perhaps, but still the third knot of the two. We would at least be stirred.

Speaking of the accident. The crown Princess of the Netherlands, The Golden leaf writes: “in the Afternoon, Amalia from raging at the Hockey. But often, it is said, it is also grandma Beatrix“ – ouch! But in Beatrix’s age, with all due respect, you are not likely to ustieren also on the hockey courts.

black and brown hazelnuts

you May, but, as Heidi Klum boyfriend Tom Kaulitz have fun at the Party of your twelve-year-old son, even on a bouncy castle, although it is already 29? Gala shows understanding, because Tom “could never lead a real teenage life”, but nevertheless, a psychotherapist to the Council. “He should behave in a grown-up,” warns of this. “Humor is important. But sympathy and, above all, the respect of children, you don’t win with fool around.“ But maybe Tom has gained the respect of other guests, by winning afterwards run with the house a high advantage, the Eggs.

And also, this headline is left to us is not spared: “Heino & Hannelore – live your spicy double,” writes leisure week. Because: “in Public, a trained pastry chef from another woman enthuses. She is blonde like his better half, a lot younger – and he has devoted even a song on his new Album ,…and goodbye!‘. Images in the head (Angie)‘ is the name of the Song he has written for Angela Merkel (64).“ It would be amazing if the Chancellor could be with her alleged black green slope of black-and-brown hazelnut curls. “Whether Hannelore knows that her sweetheart is a ardent admirer of our head of state?”, leisure week asks, and we have to ask ourselves, Whether for leisure week don’t know that Merkel is not Germany’s head of state?