The Nasa robot “InSight” has landed on Mars. After a 485-million-Kilometer-long trip in may, launched Lander “InSight” on Monday in the plain of Elysium Planitia just North the Martian Equator on the red planet, as the American space Agency told Nasa. Whether or not the robot is fully functional, it was not yet clear. After the entry into the Martian atmosphere, the robot using the braking rockets, and a parachute was lowered into an extremely complicated maneuver. The Nasa employees formed with your hands is a right angle sign to the advent of the probe to emulate.

The 360-kilogram “InSight”-a robot may not roll, but stays in one place. With numerous scientific instruments of the robot to investigate Mars and especially more about the structure of the planet and the dynamics of its surface. A German-developed device, a kind of Mars, mole, drill into the ground. The total of around 650-million-Euro Mission is set to last for two years.