He is a good actor. From 1962 to 1987, Marius Müller-Westernhagen has in some films, Margarethe von Trott’s proven, including “The second awakening of Christa Klages” (1978). Mentioned or repeated by these films today, unfortunately, usually only the Ruhr area clothes “Theo against the Rest of the world” (1980), many of them are hardly accessible.

Jan Wiele

editor in the features section.

F. A. Z.

The role of Thin White Herring of the German rock music – think to the unbeatable title of his debut album “The first Time” (1975), as well as the aggressive ballad “thickness” – has played Westernhagen so good that you identified with him completely: a worker in the under shirt, the “began, with 18” in Düsseldorf as a rolling Stones impersonator, as his signature Song, but in a very own, wild Rock-Timbre (“chicken-Hugo-uh!”) reported, and the liquor addiction sang with thirty in the case of “Johnny Walker”. A brash representative of the little people and of their instinct collection in this rock music (“With peppermint I am Your Prince”), always close to the melancholic Verlierertum (“I sing the Blues, and You’re doing Laundry), sometimes even a train to the Hobo-folk singer (“hole in the bag”). Therefore, in the case of some, the disappointment on his later development to the “Armani-Rocker”.

Since the nineties, since all the stages with him sumptuously, “freedom”, or “Let’s live” singing, he is the Elder Statesman of rock, he is in the management phase. There is no shame for one who has early done much. But you will be allowed to designate the loss of substance in the Songwriting. The last convincing Studio album is, in fact, “Hallelujah” from 1989, then came up not phrases-Rock (“war”, “Jesus”, “alpha”), area-Kitsch say (“I’m back”), in some way ironic schunkel music (“Will”), but also with a sense of irony is hardly bearable, and, finally, committed to simplicity (“No Power”).